Monday, June 14, 2010

Look What I Can Do!

Hey everybody!  I don't have vintage stuff to show today but I do have some stuff I made with my own lil' hands!  My friends and I are in a Craft Group, DONO (Daughter's of Nellie Oleson) and we "Craft for a Cause" , selling our wares and donating a percentage of the proceeds to a worthy cause.  We have an upcoming event, the Johnny Cash Music Festival, June 19th.  Here is a sampling of stuff that I have made so far!

Mexicali stuff is really popular out here in Socal among the Rockabilly, hipster set.  I am trying to capitalize on this trend, and truthfully love it myself!  Another strange thing that is popular right now floating around the design-o-verse are mustaches!  Don't ask me why, but they are too fun....

Here are my patented "Mustaches on a Stick".  I have made these before and they sold out!  These are the new and improved versions with a decorative bead at the top!  Also, this time around I made some pink ones Just for the Girls although I still prefer the classic black model:

The Blog Author and her Mustache on a Stick

Here are some of my Mexican Wrestler picture frames


I have made about 7 different sizes & designs of these funny frames.  I like the one above a lot and think its just in time for Father's Day!  People can put their own pics in them, I snipped these from a vintage Playboy.  It was pretty hard to find some that weren't too sexy, LOL!

These are little glass bottles adorned with Dia De Los Muertos skeletons made of Fimo Clay.  What can I say, I LOVE Fimo Clay.  You can make all kinds of stuff with it!  
They are about 4 inches tall and have little stoppers in them.  You could put stuff in them like your Love Potion #9 but I think they are more for decoration.  We'll leave that up to the customer....if they sell!

Two of them are not skeletons, I made one Tiki God and one Electric Guitar.  I think I'll keep the Tiki or, offer him in a blog give-away...woo woo! 

Next are my Day of the Dead bathing beauties!  I am really proud of these little ladies!

They are made in the rustic style of real Mexican Dia De Los Muertos figures.  I used Fimo Clay, wire, paint, felt, lace, yarn and glitter.  I love them, they look like little pin-ups!  I call them Skele-Betties!

This one look like Betty Page

Blonde bombshell!

I made only 4 of these little ladies, I may make more.  Last year I did some that looked like Rockabilly dudes with pompadour hair do's and micro phones.  They sold out!  People just love the skeleton stuff!

I will be making other stuff too, and might get around to posting it for y'all!  I have been nursing a cold and haven't done too much to get the garage operational again but there is a party this weekend so I gotta do it soon!  We also just got a HOT TUB for the neibs and me.  OH HELLS YEA!  We are officially the party central neighborhood! 

I'll leave you with my normally anti social kitty Muffy, who decided to be cute this morning and sleep on my record player.  This is a rare photograph of her, she's normally not very tolerant of people...including me!  Hava great day!


  1. Great stuff!!! I love the mustache on a stick, it's brilliant! How about a white one for kids (milk mustache)? Kinda reminds me of the handle on the eyeglasses thing invented by Steve Martin's character in The Jerk. Next you'll be selling pizza in a cup!

  2. We have just discovered your gorgeous bottles made of STAEDTLER FIMO!
    We'd love to meet you on our facebook fanpage !
    It would be great if you became a fan, too, and showed your artworks on our page.

    Hope to see you soon and best regards from STAEDTLER headquarters in Germany, Yvonne

  3. Love Dias de los Muertos stuff! Used to have quite the collection of skulls and skeletons and such. Then the Goth trend came along and being the rebel I am, I had to change over to something else ha ha.

    All wonderful! Love the kitty!

  4. I love the frames so much I want to cry. You are awesomely talented!!!

  5. Don't cry Christine! If there are any items left from the JCMF I will toss them in with my next give-away....have I hit 50 yet? I better check!

  6. Oh Amber =O You have talent and ya knows how to use it!!! Really loving the skele-babes (well, everything actually!) :D What tunes have you got for your turntable? I see a good stack there.

  7. Amber-You are a superstar crafter! "I HEART EVERYTHING!" :)

  8. I'm a Spanish teacher in VA and I LOVE your bottles and the skele-betties. I wish I could make them as well as you! If you ever have any you don't want, feel free to send them my way!!!

    -Senora G
    Richmond, VA


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