Thursday, March 11, 2010

Candy Colored Dresses and a Special Delivery

Oh boy was Wednesday a long day!  This is also shaping up to be a crazy long week...come on Saturday!  I skipped eating lunch yesterday in favor of going to the Goodwill 1/2 price sale.  They have been alternating the hours of the occasional sale from mornings to afternoons.  I had to get there before 1pm to take advantage of the deals and didn't have time to eat.  As you can see, I am a dedicated thrifter!  I scored some curtains and these awesome Vintage Print Dresses.  Oh, boy are they colorful! 

From Left to Right:
"The Mrs. Roper" 
Has big flaps that are hanging from the front to conceal any undesirable body flaws (and hides flask).  The flashy pattern distracts people from the fact you are on your fifth margarita and the ads conviction to the fact that you are sure Jack got Chrissy pregnant because you heard some mumbling through the drain pipe that connects your two units.  Trust me its just a big always is.

"Easter Sunday 1968"
Its 1968, its Easter and you are 17 years old.  Finally your Mother has let you pick out your own Easter dress.  No more silly pink frills!  No sir, you are a sophisticated woman now.  Maybe you'll get Bobby's attention...maybe he'll forget all about Patty, that tramp...Oh sorry Jesus, that Jezabelle!

"Someone's Been to Hawaii "
Too bad it was your husband on a "business trip"  when you asked him to bring you back a souvenir, his secretary picked this out for you.  It was either this or a coconut carved into a hairy ape.  
Consider yourself lucky!

"Mrs. Robinson"
Mrs. Robinson, are you trying to seduce me?   Cuz, if you are maybe you should take off that dress I'm about to have an epileptic seizure just looking at it.  Oh wow, you got that off fast....

 The prints up close.  

I'm not gonna keep any of these.  Actually none fit me.  Either they were too big or way too small.  I'm sure *somebody* will enjoy them......Helooooooo Ebay!

 I got another surprise yesterday--A special Delivery!!!

My "reward" for giving the most practical answer to a crazy objects purpose was chosen as the best suggestion (click here to see what it was).  I got a great little package packed with fun stuff from Anna at the Chickens In the Basement blog!

Lotsa Loot!

 The little case is my fave!  It had a vintage earring turned magnet and a golf themed tie clip!
I love that little flower pin too!  Anna makes them herself!

Buttons sewn onto round playing cards.  These'll go into my button stash.
A super cute vintage hat veil and its original package. Very sexy!

A vintage children's Indian headband toy and some counting flashcards.  "Five Chicks" how appropriate!
I love all of these items!  Thanks for sharing.  Its always nice to get some mail at the end of a very long day!

In fact, this reminds me to tell Y'all that I need some of your addresses still!!!!  C'mon people don'tcha want goodies?  Chop Chop!  Hop to it!  I can't wait to share!  Email them to
Over -and-out.


  1. Hey, Glad you got the goodies. However, I want your dresses! Any of those babies a size 16? Your Goodwill beats the heck out of mine! It's filled with cast-offs from Target and WalMart. Woohoo!


  2. Wow, those dresses sure have stories to tell. Who needs talking walls? With these bitches around no secret is safe. FYI, my husband will be going to Hawaii with his secretary OVER MY DEAD BODY! I'll be getting the secretary a hairy ape coconut thank you very much. Love those dresses, really.


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