Monday, February 15, 2010

Trying to keep my cool.

Wowee!  This Saturday yielded some really amazing finds.  My BF John and I discovered the yard sale of the year.  An older couple was moving from their home of 40+ years into assisted living.  Their children were cleaning everything out of the house so they could move in themselves.  They had no interest in keeping the old stuff.  Between John and I both, we spent about $90.  I scored a handful of small items and two very noteworthy items.  Check these out!

Vintage Sunbeam Mixer with Attachments & Manuals
Here is the whole kit and caboodle.  One of the manuals is for this mixer and one is for another Sunbeam that wasn't at the sale.  I think some of the attachments may go to the missing mixer but I have not even had the chance to clean these yet, let alone sort out what all of this does

Inside one of the manuals is a note that says "Merry Christmas, 1966" Also here is the stub for the original warranty card which seems to have been mailed in.

Here are some of the attachments, a juicer thingy (made of ceramic) and some food processor blades.  It came with two little bowls and one large bowl.  I don't know whether to keep this mixer and ebay my other one (which is a Hamilton Beach) or vice versa.  I am kinda partial to my other one, I have had it for a long time.  I definitely don't need two.

 I also scored these cute little cups & bowls.

Now, here is the big prize!
This fridge wasn't technically in the yard sale  but I saw it peeking out from inside the garage.  I asked if they would sell it and they told me I could have it for $25 because that is what the electric company gives you for turning in an old working fridge.  Thats right, it still works!  It is in pretty gross condition right now, as I have yet to clean it.  It will need some refurbishing too.  I just couldn't say no to it.  It stands about 4.5 feet tall and about 3 feet wide & deep. The only manufacturer marks are the emblems that say MW which stands for Montgomery Wards.  There used to be a Montgomery Wards in Ventura for a long time, in fact I used to work at in its final days.  I don't know if this fridge came from that store though (but wouldn't that be cool? heh, get  


I don't know what to do with the fridge yet.  I really wanna keep it and put it upstairs in the apartment.  But it doesn't have much of a freezer compartment.  The bin on the bottom is a bread box apparently, not a freezer.  It would look awesome with Ethel, my O'Keef & Merrit stove....maybe this is Fred the Fridge?

All in all this was a good weekend and I hung out with my BF who also got all kinds of good stuff at the sale including a 9' gold velvet sofa $5, a Magnivox console record player $35 (that is huuuuuuge) and an avocado green dining table set w/ 6 chairs that are covered in gold & green velvet $5!  His roommates are not as accepting as mine though, so some of it may have to be re-homed.  Maybe I can snap some pics before it goes.  Thanks for reading & Happy Birthday George Washington!


  1. That is like the dream yard sale. Lucky you. Love the fridge. The emblem is fantastic. Can't wait to see it all cleaned up.

  2. Put the fridge in the kitchen and use it to store your fabulous dishes you got from the yard sale! You hit the mother load. If the stupid snow would melt, I might be able to find a yard sale or two. But those with lots of old stuff are few and far between! You're a lucky girl!

  3. Whoa nelly--what a great day YOU had! I recognize the custard cup as Fire-King "Blue Heaven" but the design on the other pieces is new to me--are they marked Fire-King, too? The mixer is an incredible find with all those attachments, and of course you hit the j.p. with the fridge. KEEP EVERYTHING!

  4. I love the advice I get from my fellow hoarders....I mean collectors, KEEP it all! Maybe if I had a barn! Till then its me & a roommate (who thinks I'm crazy) in a 2 bedroom apt but I'll see what I can do. I just can't part with Fred yet.

  5. You could also put it in your 'Arcade' for drinks and refreshments!! :)

  6. Update of Fred the Fridge:

    Right now he is in the laundry room of our wacky little neighborhood. He'll be safe back there until I can find a place for him. There just aint enough room in the garage and the stairs & my roommate's voice of reason (someone has to have one) talked me out of dragging it up to the kitchen. I get to visit him whenever I do laundry though. :-)

  7. Nice score on the fridge and mixer. I'm sure you can find refrigerator restoration experts on this here interweb. It's a keeper


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