Friday, February 19, 2010

Desk Job

A while back, at least a couple of years, I asked my super handy boyfriend John to build me a desk.  I had a conceptual drawing and tons of ideas for materials.  Firstly, it needed to be light and airy because the last desk I had was dark fwood (fake wood) and clunky & heavy.  I referred to it as my Soviet Cold War desk, it was oppressing my creativity big time! Secondly, I wanted to make it all out of free/cheap/found items.  Here is the original sketch.
The table top is an interior door & the orange shelf was from a thrift store.  At the time of the sketch I didn't have any other materials but found them as we went along.  The desk faces a large window and a row of small windows run along the left side.  I wanted to let light pass through the window behind the desk, so I hung bamboo shades and left the back of the shelves open.

We built the desk and I have been enjoying it for years now.  I set out to organize the office last night and decided to post a blog about it, who knows when it'll be this clean again!  Believe it or not, I have reduced the amount of clutter  around the desk (I filled up 2 grocery bags to take to the thrift store).  Lets take a look at how the desk has evolved from the original sketch!

I upgraded to two monitors (and boy is it great) for my graphic design projects.  The orange shelf turned into a monitor riser with the scanner and modem tucked underneath.  We reduced the shelves to only two to let more light through.  I found some nice slanted legs for the desk at a rummage sale and we used the hole in the table/door where the doorknob was to run the cables & wires through.  

The shelf above the monitors has a pile of items for Ebay that I can never seem to post!  To the left of the desk is a cabinet I bought for $2.00 at a thrift store and  covered with some vintage vinyl fabric I had been saving.  I keep a lot of office supplies and craft items in there.  The lamp up there came from that epic yard sale I went to a while back.  The little heater is awesome too and I have the original box for it!  The basket was handmade by my sister Sarah.

The "Heat Wave" keeps me warm on those cold Socal nights LOL.

Here is the "Manicure Donkey" who holds nail clippers and other stuff and Mighty Mucho who is just hanging out sayin' Hola Muchachos!
Here is my Naked Native mail holder.  I love her, she has little metal hoop earrings.  I have a thing for naked ceramic ladies, but hey who doesn't?

This is on the bulletin board on the above the monitors.  The post card is for my little vintage camper but I have yet to put it in there, and the green blister package has an original un-cut Dodge Dart key, plated gold.  I scored that on Ebay and when I finally get around to having the locks re-keyed on the wagon I will use it proudly!  So that's it folks, this is where I HEART EVERYTHING comes from!

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  1. Love the desk--it came out just like you envisioned it. I'm one of your original 15 followers and already enjoy your blog. Would love to see the little vintage camper, too.


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